The past few days
Seemed like a dream
You showered your love
I bloomed at your sight
A closet full of gifts
Wasn’t the only surprise
The caring cuddles
Were topped up by
A romantic getaway
Hearts and flowers at bedside
But now I am scared
For it won’t last long
Because the magic disappear
As clock struck midnight

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It is rightly said
Love is pagan
Cause he shunned
Everything for Allah
And I did it
Only for him

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For you

Like I care
But I do
More than anything
More than you
Yet I pretend
Like I don’t
Not for my sake
It’s only for you

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Wandering alone
In a dense forest
On a foot mat
Of fungi and decay
Where dew drops
Sparkle like diamonds
Due to the sunlight
Which filter through trees
Deadly silence
Covered every space
Due to the cloak of dark
Even the shadows hide
I went inside
Running from life
But it called me
Back, shout from behind
Though I didn’t
Want to return
Yet I wasn’t left with
Any other choice

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Happy anniversary with WordPress. ……its been a year….
wow….can’t believe I completed a whole year on it

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Alone together

I crave your presence
With every breath I take
I think we have little time together
But you think it’s enough
It’s always about you and me
Never about Us
Sadness concealed in laughter
Ain’t visible to you
Surrounded by the people
Yet my eyes search for you
We were meant to be together
In this journey of life
You choose your path and left
Here I am standing alone

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Chaotic life

Perhaps I am wrong
Or is it you?
Yet I blame myself
During restless night
You spend asleep
On a mournful day
You were outside
I am alone
To deal with it all
But I couldn’t cope
With all the chaos

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Will I ever

Will I ever be able to
Get out of this living hell
Everything is so different
What I thought and what I get
Hope is one thing
But I’m rather losing myself
Cause I don’t know
The foreign creature
Residing in me

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The funeral

Lying in my bed
Sprawled in an awkward angle
A lifeless body
Gazing fixedly at the roof
Stony glance of a statue

And there are people
Hovering over me
Searching and chatting
On things I couldn’t see
Leaving me behind, they return to life

Buried inside me
Are all the desires
The dreams I once had
This is the real funeral
Cause inside I died

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