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speak out your heart let go of your fears doesn’t matter much what people hear say it out loud to one who is dear Advertisements

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cut off from the world outside we are living an aimless life sun goes down as stars shine out day passes like a muted sound

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mixed emotions

seriously i don’t know what to say or how to react….. 😦 πŸ™‚

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Tell Me Why

well β€˜ere i am living for others happy for them judging reactions decision is done this is a beginning but seems like an end

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weird truth

I see you but all i hear is pounding of heart ringing in my ears Gazing at you but all i can see is twinkle in your eyes mocking cheers Answering you but all i can think is not sounding … Continue reading

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i am alone i am alone in the gloomy night no one is there with me in the shining light some how i feel scared with the passing time but there is some hope in my silent mind

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naked pain burning in eyes unshed tears whirling at sides stinging sour blurring sight desparate desires dying inside

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