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Wish List

wish i can outrun problems wish i can solve them all wish i can figure whats right wish i can make it bright wish i can over come my fears wish i can control my tears wish i can see … Continue reading

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forget about the reason stop thinking that way time is of the essence take advantage and play must give it your best shot its the last chance,so avail

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a true relation is a blood bond? or the one made by heart does it represent? an everlasting tie or is it just a fragile knot? will it survive? all the hard times paving ways from a start can it … Continue reading

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darkness dwells in my dreams i wander alone in a valley like scene lost but always searching my way roaming shadows following its prey get me through my lips silently pray

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take whatever you want give back my peace of mind do as you please leave my heart beating wild longing for your touch pleasure mingled with sighs ever you think of me or is it just what i would like!

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*sniff sniff*

life begins where nightmare ends emotionally drained hungry for solitude carved out of wood with a stone for a heart

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take me away for an eternity never return me back though i will protest but its for the best apparently i seem fine underneath i am dying you know me better than me so i won’t create a scene

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