hypersensitive me
wants to share my thing
tears at the brim of an eye
ready to trickle down my cheek
whenever some one shows empathy
i melt like candle wax in a tin
pouring my heart out
keeping no secret in


About once4always

i am not a poetess or a writer....... i just give words to my thoughts.hope you like some of it....and for that take a tour. P.S all the photos in my blog are from Google images.
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16 Responses to empathy

  1. Your words are so soothing,to receive, and you hearts speaks loudly from within them, with a beautiful radiance that illuminates the hearts of myself and many others. I felt the sincerity of every life breath that fell upon my ears. It is a very mesmerizing poem…and you are talented dear sister! For you share a blessing that lifts hearts and minds as you did mine this morning…thanks!

  2. timkeen40 says:

    Brief, to the point, and intense. Well said and easily felt.


  3. So beautiful! Empathy is a lovely and maybe rare quality to have.

  4. soumyav says:

    this is real beautiful one! real empathetic

  5. pjb1943 says:

    You have a wonderful way of painting a picture of emotions with your writing.

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