Chaotic life

Perhaps I am wrong
Or is it you?
Yet I blame myself
During restless night
You spend asleep
On a mournful day
You were outside
I am alone
To deal with it all
But I couldn’t cope
With all the chaos

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Will I ever

Will I ever be able to
Get out of this living hell
Everything is so different
What I thought and what I get
Hope is one thing
But I’m rather losing myself
Cause I don’t know
The foreign creature
Residing in me

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The funeral

Lying in my bed
Sprawled in an awkward angle
A lifeless body
Gazing fixedly at the roof
Stony glance of a statue

And there are people
Hovering over me
Searching and chatting
On things I couldn’t see
Leaving me behind, they return to life

Buried inside me
Are all the desires
The dreams I once had
This is the real funeral
Cause inside I died

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Ark of heart

Pouring your thoughts
On the heart of paper
Scratching its torso
With the pen so hard
That it leaves inkblots
Forever on its walls

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Punished myself
To the years
Full of solitude
Alone I stand
At a shedless stop
In scorching sun
In a chilly rain
Where I
Me n myself
Is the only being
Bearing it
Cause I chose wrong
Won’t say a word
Patience is strong

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I want out of it

And the end result
is always same
That my life was
Better of without it
My future which
seems bleak as well
Every step I took
Likewise my past

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Dried tears
Like shredded mirrors
Pireced my eyes
Silent moans of despair
Killed desires

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