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Will I ever

Will I ever be able to Get out of this living hell Everything is so different What I thought and what I get Hope is one thing But I’m rather losing myself Cause I don’t know The foreign creature Residing … Continue reading

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Suddenly it dawn on me What actually he means to me In his silence or his speech He is the one dear to me Though he hardly say anything Still his intensions are clear to me Perhaps I’m thinking a … Continue reading

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unknown pursuit

in the pursuit of unknown i have to give up everything i owned in the whirlpool of perhaps n maybes blended all my previous mischief eradicating all my doubts suppressing every internal shout shunning the people i adore just for … Continue reading

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foreign emotion

heightened feelings racing heart betrayed my emotional stance blushed skin silly smile non coherence in my style hidden truth endeared doubts opened secrets displayed out

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why is it that a sharper mind is inable to solve the mystery of heart why aint it rattle it’s mind to figure out the intensity of love why can’t it make theories about balancing emotion or ragging desires

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day dreaming all the time random thoughts gave insight raw emotions deluded desires evoke panic hideous smile

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life as i know it

before you i use to lead a simple life had fun devoured joy and now i cry whenever i think of upcoming life all my fears come to mind destroying my calm and perfect attire all the nights i spent … Continue reading

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