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Ark of heart

Pouring your thoughts On the heart of paper Scratching its torso With the pen so hard That it leaves inkblots Forever on its walls Advertisements

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miss you

i miss you with every tick of clock with the beat of heart with every breath i take i miss you like winters sun like rainbow in rain like bouncing waves i miss you for things unsaid for joy we … Continue reading

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hypersensitive me wants to share my thing tears at the brim of an eye ready to trickle down my cheek whenever some one shows empathy i melt like candle wax in a tin pouring my heart out keeping no secret … Continue reading

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foreign emotion

heightened feelings racing heart betrayed my emotional stance blushed skin silly smile non coherence in my style hidden truth endeared doubts opened secrets displayed out

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why is it that a sharper mind is inable to solve the mystery of heart why aint it rattle it’s mind to figure out the intensity of love why can’t it make theories about balancing emotion or ragging desires

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some dreams can never be true some dreams can never be you some dreams can not be realized some dreams are left aside some dreams are harder to bear some dreams take away your dear some dreams are pretty bright … Continue reading

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Heart </3

fix my heart don’t rip it out it hurts alot stop, slow down stab in the middle blood oozing out tearing it with gargling sound

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