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Will I ever

Will I ever be able to Get out of this living hell Everything is so different What I thought and what I get Hope is one thing But I’m rather losing myself Cause I don’t know The foreign creature Residing … Continue reading

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I am searching For the lost happiness Thoughtless laughter Mindless chatter Hidden pleasures Of the youth Sad can’t reach them But I am still in pursuit

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a true relation is a blood bond? or the one made by heart does it represent? an everlasting tie or is it just a fragile knot? will it survive? all the hard times paving ways from a start can it … Continue reading

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true friend

the best friend one has, is his own self you can share everything with yourself time of grief in the voyage of life downpour of joy from the cloudy sky moments of happiness and that of sigh play their role … Continue reading

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wanted to move on desperate,┬ástill can’t something is holding back an unfinished business a loosely broken tie exhausted to the very core yet trying my best to find my way

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i am alone i am alone in the gloomy night no one is there with me in the shining light some how i feel scared with the passing time but there is some hope in my silent mind

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moving faster spinning in time funneling darkness swirling white on the sea shore I search for light behind a cloud beyond the sight a thing of beauty brings so joy something wonderful awaits my eye

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