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The funeral

Lying in my bed Sprawled in an awkward angle A lifeless body Gazing fixedly at the roof Stony glance of a statue And there are people Hovering over me Searching and chatting On things I couldn’t see Leaving me behind, … Continue reading

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I want out of it

Analyzing And the end result is always same Realizing That my life was Better of without it Visualizing My future which seems bleak as well Every step I took Likewise my past

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vague reality future blurred shouldn’t believe in your silly pun compensation for your act always make the matter worst

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you lied through your teeth when you said, “I don’t lie” I stayed calm, din’t grimace tried not to give you a hint you went on, thinking you are cool I could see right through you shattering every illusion I … Continue reading

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Far Far Away

carefully avoiding reality escapism is divine lament went unheard drowning my voice making only choice hardly thinking twice going far far away where strangers resides

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