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broken torch

facing the truth is really harsh it feels like earth spinning too fast in the days full of gloom nights similar to doom i am alone with a broken torch Advertisements

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foreign emotion

heightened feelings racing heart betrayed my emotional stance blushed skin silly smile non coherence in my style hidden truth endeared doubts opened secrets displayed out

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get over it!

I hate you Not for the stuff you do It’s for the things you don’t Always thought That Hatred is a harsh emotion Now I guess It’s the result of non-devotion Reckon We should bury the hatchet If you are … Continue reading

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weird truth

I see you but all i hear is pounding of heart ringing in my ears Gazing at you but all i can see is twinkle in your eyes mocking cheers Answering you but all i can think is not sounding … Continue reading

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heard you laugh my heart beated fast what lifted your mood i’m still in pursuit of the tarnished truth for once i’m sure you covered it up with a sober act but there was a smile enlightening your eyes

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