Alone together

I crave your presence
With every breath I take
I think we have little time together
But you think it’s enough
It’s always about you and me
Never about Us
Sadness concealed in laughter
Ain’t visible to you
Surrounded by the people
Yet my eyes search for you
We were meant to be together
In this journey of life
You choose your path and left
Here I am standing alone


About once4always

i am not a poetess or a writer....... i just give words to my thoughts.hope you like some of it....and for that take a tour. P.S all the photos in my blog are from Google images.
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2 Responses to Alone together

  1. Mike says:

    Melancholy and poignant but beautifully expressed. Well done.

  2. Your words expressed so well what happens with love sometimes…but though there are bumps in the road sometimes, never lose the faith, for a genuine love will find you and become your lasting treasure. Lovely poem my sister!

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