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why is it that a sharper mind is inable to solve the mystery of heart why aint it rattle it’s mind to figure out the intensity of love why can’t it make theories about balancing emotion or ragging desires Advertisements

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a moment is enough to change everything including your perceptions even cognitions blink of an eye can turn day int night gone are the times when apologies work fine just in a jiffy life goes upside down a minute of … Continue reading

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shut it out block your mind it effects terribly press rewind leave it out make me proud bring a change hit the ground spill it out wounds will heal kill the pain help me quit

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life as i know it

before you i use to lead a simple life had fun devoured joy and now i cry whenever i think of upcoming life all my fears come to mind destroying my calm and perfect attire all the nights i spent … Continue reading

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Wish List

wish i can outrun problems wish i can solve them all wish i can figure whats right wish i can make it bright wish i can over come my fears wish i can control my tears wish i can see … Continue reading

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take whatever you want give back my peace of mind do as you please leave my heart beating wild longing for your touch pleasure mingled with sighs ever you think of me or is it just what i would like!

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